Book A Keynote Speaker

When you book a keynote speaker, an agreement will be signed by all parties, you will receive information for the audio/visual needed at the venue. Also, there are accomadations that will need to be made for Milton.

Speaking Agreement

"One of the most inspiring speakers I have ever had the pleasure to listen to. Invite Mr. Anthony to all our conferences."
Rehabilitation Services 2010 State Conference Attendant

Booking Deposit


If a PA system is available, we have found that a lapel microphone works best for Milton and that a standard lectern works best while he is speaking.

If you wish to video-tape Milton's presentation, you may do so for an additional fee of $50, as long as he receives the master copy of the video and/or DVD.

Copies of the presentation will be available, (edited and in DVD format) for $75 each.

If you need assistance with an introduction, please call or email us. We have several prewritten intros if needed, when you book a keynote speaker.


Due to his disabling conditions, he would appreciate it if you would reserve a "non-smoking" room, with two beds, one for me and one for my attendant, on the ground floor that is Disability Accessible.
If he's staying overnight (for early morning presentations) and we arrive at the hotel late night, eating arrangements, (room service or "in-house restaurant") would be greatly appreciated. We will call to let you know if we are running late. Unfortunately, sometimes... Stuff happens.

All traveling expenses, hotel accommodations and meals will be for Milton and his attendant. Travel expenses will also include "bad check fees," and for the size bag I carry, it's usually $25 each way.

Other Suggestions

After a whole bunch of experience, we have found the following ideas will add to the quality of any meeting when applied. These are by no means necessary, but rather tips to improve your meeting at your own discretion.

Do not overset the room. If you think you will have 200 people, set the room for 200 (or fewer). Empty seats in front, or gaps in a crowd have also shown to reduce attention and focus. If you have over 200 people please use a riser or stage.

Optimal room temperature should be NO HIGHER than 68 degrees.

Never set a rectangular room with the stage on the short end. The folks in the cheap seats will thank you.