Overcome Adversity

To overcome adversity is a challenge. Milton Anthony is a former martial arts expert, bodybuilder, weapons and canine security trainer. Now, he has combined all of his training skills, and what he's learned in 37 years being a person with multiple disabilities, to put together a unique training program. This program teaches you how to look at yourself and your life with a positive attitude. This program teaches you how to maintain that positive attitude, while you are continuously moving forward, the rest of your life!

Adversity Trainer

First, he teaches you how to "think outside the box," and realize that in every situation of our lives, no matter how negative, there are positive elements that you will learn to recognize.
Remember, it's not what we see and hear, but instead, it's what we think we see and hear. Then by recognizing these elements, this serves to positively reinforce you and keep you moving forward, in a positive direction. Next, learn how to find the positive.

Overcome Adversity

Assistive Technology

Milton Anthony started, owned and operated his own business for over five years. This business dealt with computers and assistive technology, which are special devices and programs that allow persons with disabilities complete access to a computer.

Sensory Aid Specialist

Milton is a former sensory aid specialist. This means he evaluated a client's disabling condition and "configured," or put together computer systems with the various components, allowing the greatest access according to what the client's needs were. He uses this technology, voice recognition and screen reading software’s, in his everyday use of his own computer.

Voice Recognition Software

The voice recognition software allows him to talk into his computer, rather than having to type. The screen reading software verbalizes everything on the screen to him. Configured with a scanning program, this allows him to "read" printed material. He can evaluate and recommend components or complete systems that will help you be more independent, productive and benefit you in your own everyday living.

Employees and Training Administration, ETA, is put together by the Department of Labor

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Adversity Training for Employees

Attempting to find any type of employment in today's highly competitive job market can be, to say the least a challenge! Our economy (in this country) on the brink of disaster coupled with a complete switch of perceptions concerning careers, it's just about enough to push a "normal, able-bodied person" over the edge into a near total nervous breakdown. When you add to these things the complexity of persons with disabilities trying to enter the workforce... well, it's enough to make a grown man want to cry his eyes out! However... it just so happens that there is a bright ray of hope amid all the gloom and doom of the current work situation, in the land of the free. Even, and especially for people with disabilities! That shining lighthouse, with its ever brilliant brightness along the treacherous rocky shores of employment in this great nation of ours is none other than good old Uncle Sam and all his good old buddies, within the various "Department of This" and "Department of That" and there's even a "Department of This and That!" This particular beacon I'm talking about is called "Employees and Training Administration" (ETA) and it is put together, (very well I might add) by the "Department of Labor" (DOL).

For example... did you know that employers, when they hire persons with disabilities can qualify for a healthy tax break? Or, did you know, when an employer makes a quote reasonable accommodation" to assist an employee with a disability, any "out of pocket cost" to the employer in making that accommodation, is tax deductible?

And, did you know, if an employee rides to and from work with another employee, the one driving gets to claim all that mileage off of their taxes? There’s much more information just waiting for you to share with a potential employer, thus making you a more highly attractive employee.

On their websites there are entire sections dedicated to various aspects of both "potential employees" and "potential employers" and, if you can't find what you need or want there is an e-mail address that you can shoot them an e-mail with your specific question. I easily found answers to all questions I thought of on this website and personally folks, I saw no need to "reinvent the wheel" by trying to put all that information here... on my website.

So take the plunge, click the link below and look over their website. If you still have questions to which you can't find answers, email them at ETAWebmaster If you still have unanswered questions, call or send me an email and I'll be glad to help you any way I possibly can!

By clicking the link below and accessing this "wealth of information" website, you can find answers for most, if not all questions you and/or your employer may have about hiring persons with disabilities.

Website link: