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As a rehabilitation consultant, Milton knows that moving forward in a perfect world there would never be any disappointments, hardships, failures or catastrophes. Unfortunately... and at the same time fortunately, we do not live in a "perfect world." I say unfortunately because there has to be pain in order to grow and learn. I say fortunately, for the very same reasons.
Our entire life we are forced into facing harsh realities! If you have ever witnessed or even participated in a childbirth delivery, you may think, "What a beautiful, miraculous event that is." And you are absolutely correct in your thinking. But try looking at it from the newborn's perspective: you are yanked out of an environment that is dark, warm, quiet and cozy and into a brightly lit, loud and cold world! (And for good measure they slapped you a good one right across your naked rump.) Talk about a welcoming fanfare! From that point on, it just gets heavier and deeper!
Every day, when you pick up a newspaper, turn on the radio or TV you are instantly and continuously bombarded with harsh elements happening on virtually every part of our planet. War, terror, murder, massive destructive forces of nature and all other forms of mayhem and chaos! How can a person makes some kind of sense out of all this death and destruction that goes on virtually, 24/7 all over the world? First, understanding that the only person we have any control over, is our self and also understanding, the only time and place we have any control over ourselves is right here and right now.

Rehabilitation Consultant

Second, we must have "faith" in ourselves. What this translates into is: As long as you are doing the absolute best that you can with what you have, then there is rightfully no reason for you to worry about it. For you see worry is a superstition. We have convinced ourselves that if we worry about something long enough and hard enough, either it will happen or, it won't happen. The truth of it, is it does not matter how much we worry about something (or how long) all the worrying does is make us feel worse. It has been stated, and I found it to be true, "Worry is like a rocking chair. It burns up a lot of energy and gives you something to do, but it doesn't go anywhere!"

"Hope" is another magic word we must have. What this translates into: "A belief that things can, and will get better!"

You folks out there reading this are probably thinking right about now, "How does this pertain to moving forward?" Well... keep reading!

It occurred to me several years ago, that in every experience we go through in our life, there are always three possible choices we can make that will yield one of two results. #1 we can decide to do something; #2 we can decide not to do something; #3 we can decide not to decide. Of course, numbers 2 and 3 produce the same results.

Positive Rehabilitation Results

Change scares people! Even if they are in a situation that is not necessarily happy, warm, or safe, they won't change because they know what to expect. And sometimes they have a fear if they change it may even be even worse! So they stay in "an uncomfortable comfort zone." People also talk themselves into believing, "This is what I deserve," or "This is the best I can expect or hope for." In either case, they are lying to themselves and, what's worse, is they believe the lies!

No matter what the situation is, no matter what you have been told, or by whom, and especially no matter what you have told yourself, you always have the option of doing something to better your situation!
One of my father's most favorite sayings: "As long as you have breath of life in you, you can work on changing the things that don't please you. And the only time it’s ever "too late," is when they shovel that dirt over you!" He was then, and is still, absolutely correct!

We can be our own greatest motivator or, our own worst inhibitor and being caught up in that paralyzing fear of change keeps a lot of people in their "uncomfortable comfort zones." But, by realizing those possible decisions and their results, I spoke of earlier, gives you an advantage. "What advantage is that?" You ask, and my answer is: When you allow yourself to be caught up in indecisiveness, worry or some other form of "uncomfortable comfort zone," you are stagnating!

You are not moving forward, you're not moving side to side and you're not even moving backwards. You're just spinning your wheels and digging yourself in a deeper and deeper rut. When you are faced with "adversity" you must apply "diversity." I define this as a 3-D answer.

#1 decisiveness: you must be able to make decisions about the things that affect your life! And don't be afraid of making the wrong decision, because sometimes you have to fail before you can succeed. #2 Directions: you have to have a clear focus on where you want to go. But before you can do that... you must know exactly where you are. #3 Determination: you must be willing to do whatever it takes for you to get wherever it is you want to go. That includes getting back up and back at it, if and when you get knocked down. No matter how many times you may get knocked down!!

Remember. It is said that a 1000 mile journey begins with the first step. What's not said is that first step and every step thereafter must be foreword, until the destination is reached.
Happy traveling,
Milton Anthony
LPC & Professional Speaker

"The presenter was very interesting. It was good to have him speak from a client’s perspective."

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Rehabilitation Services

After the explosion in which Milton Anthony was injured, he has dedicated his life to helping others.

Now, he is available to share his experience and knowledge as a rehabilitation consultant for most disability/rehabilitation issues.

Previously, Milton was a consultant for Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services, Tennessee Vocational Rehabilitation and Tennessee Services for the Blind.

For Employers
  • As a consultant he offers these services to prospective employers of persons with disabilities:
  • You'll find out just how reasonable, "reasonable accommodations" are.
  • Learn the easy way around obstacles and barriers to meet the 504 clause of the handicapped Bill of Rights.
  • Find out how untrue the myths are about hiring persons with disabilities.
  • Did you know there's a tax break involved when you hire persons with disabilities?
For Employees
  • Here are a few of the topics he offers to prospective employees with disabilities:
  • Mobility: what you need to know to be mobile, while being safe and efficient.
  • Maintenance: prosthetics require care and feeding to get the most use and comfort out of them.
  • Vocational exploration: find out which employment you would feel most comfortable in, as a career for the rest of your life.
  • Setting goals and achieving them: you can learn how to make your goals realistic and obtainable.
  • Fitness: it's a lot more than just a strong body.
  • Sports: you might be surprised to find out what's available for you.
  • Positive thinking: it's not what we see and hear it's what we think we see and hear.
  • Job readiness: you'll know what you need to do and how to do it.
  • School readiness: you'll find out where to go and what to do after you get there.
  • Mentoring: sometimes we all need a little advice from someone who knows.