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Dear Milton,
What an outstanding presentation you delivered recently! Your story was absolutely incredible. Your presence was most inspiring. Your message about success is one everyone needs to hear. I appreciated the opportunity to see a new perspective through your unique experience. While you may see things differently now, you obviously have clear vision about what success really means. Thank you for sharing your courage and determination. I admire your strong spirit and wish you much continued success as you move from "intimidation" to "inspiration"!
Warmest regards,
Gayle Lantz
Past President - NSA Alabama
Certified Business Coach

I am writing in reference of Mr. Milton Anthony. Mr. Anthony spoke at one of our school Parent Conference in Montgomery, Alabama in 2003. He was the guest speaker at our banquet. The speaker was asked to convey the message to the parent that their child (even with disabilities) can succeed. It didn't matter what their disabilities were, there are some things that they can do if given the proper opportunities and training. Mr. Anthony was dead on the money. He gave short synopsis of his life. He told about his ordeal and what he had gone through to get where he was today. He had the audience waiting to see what would happen next to him. He told of his good times and his bad times. He told of his ups and his downs. He told how some days he cried and some days he laughs. It was all part of his accepting his disability and moving on to live a productive life. He has done just that. Mr. Milton left the parents feeling that if he can do it, then their child can do it. He was asked to motivate the parents and that he did. He used humor to keep the audience in tune to what he was presenting. Mr. Anthony has excelled in life despite of all the obstacles in his life. He was a good speaker for my parents and he said what they needed to hear. Please, feel free to contact me, if you have further questions.
Debra Harvey
Transition Specialist
Helen Keller School

"They call him Shortcut. But for Milton Anthony life has been anything but a shortcut to success. A former member of a nationally recognized motorcycle club, known for its notorious acts of violence and crime, Anthony was once a self-described 'evil man' who had no respect for society. However, a brush with death, the result of a rival club's attempt on his life, sparked a chain of events that would change his life and his heart forever. 'I can't tell you what it's like to be totally blind after having been able to see for 25 years,' Anthony said, during a May 14 presentation for Central High School teachers. But perhaps what's even more incomprehensible is how this man transformed from a man who 'took great joy in hurting others' into a man who for more than 20 years has devoted his life to helping others. "Anthony encourages others to look at the bumps in the road of life, not as obstacles, but as challenges. 'An obstacle is defined as a large barrier,' he says; 'but a challenge is an invitation to overcome something.'"
Excerpts from an article by Teresa Lockhart
Staff Writer
LIFT Magazine

Dear Mr. Anthony,
On behalf of your colleagues at the Alabama Chapter of the National Speakers Association, I must say you really "nailed" your showcase presentation last Saturday. The true test of a professional speaker is the ability to respond to rigorous time constraints and still deliver the message powerfully and effectively. I was particularly impressed how you wove just the right amount of gentle humor into a story that could have been heavy and depressing.
Peter A. Land
President/NSA Alabama

Dear Milton,
Please know what a pleasure it was for me to meet you and hear you speak in Birmingham on Saturday. From the moment you took the podium, you had all of us in the audience captivated. Your talk was moving, eloquent, and funny, as well as motivational and informing. Yours is a remarkable story, and you tell it with conviction and sincerity. I do hope I can hear you speak again.
With all best wishes,
Randy Cross, Ph.D.
Calhoun Community College

Milton Anthony has a fascinating life story. As he tells it, you will not move in your chair, but he will keep you on the edge of your seat. His optimism, determination and commitment in the face of great odds is spellbinding.
Bob Owen, Supervisor
Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services
Decatur, AL

Dear Mr. Anthony,
Thank you so much for agreeing to speak at our July monthly NASHRM meeting. The goal of our chapter is to provide our membership with valuable information that they can use to assist them with their professional development. Your presentation was of extreme interest and valuable to those that attended. I received wonderful feedback and your survey ratings were among the highest ever. On behalf of North Alabama Society for Human Resources Management, I want to again thank you for your time and interest.
Joy D. Mays
Vice President, NASHRM Programs

To Whom It May Concern,
In celebration of National Disability Awareness Month, Mr. Milton Anthony was invited by the Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, Huntsville, AL Diversity Leadership Council to speak at our Diversity event. Mr. Anthony shared his own personal life experiences as a person living with multiplies disabilities and how you can achieve success if you’re willing to put forth the extra effort. He has excellent communication skills along with an extremely pleasant and outgoing personality. In summary, he is very passionate about his topic and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to inspire and motivate his or her employees.
Tina Gardner
Human Resources
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company

I have known Milton Anthony for almost 4 months now. Milton has been a patient of mine regarding physical therapy. I work at Fourroux Orthotics and Prosthetics rehabilitating people with prosthetic limbs. Milton had received a new prosthesis that would allow him to walk much better. The first day he came in for physical therapy, I knew his personality would be very beneficial in achieving the functional goals that should be reached with his new prosthesis. The more I saw of Milton, the more I knew he had an incredible story to tell. Not only was his story very interesting and amazing but he would always give the glory back to God for all of his personal achievements. I asked Milton if he would come and talk at my church and now I am so thankful that he did. His presentation/speaking skills were polished and his ability to catch the attention of the audience was amazing but that wasn’t the best thing about his sharing with us that day. It was his ability to talk about how God made “the” difference in his life. Many people made the extra effort that day to go to Milton and express their appreciation for him coming. His testimony went over very well and I truly believe we all gave God the glory during that time. I believe all congregations/churches would benefit greatly from hearing what he has to say. Just as long Milton continues to put God first in his life, he will continue to be a vessel for Him.
Scott Waite, MPT

I just want to thank Dr. Anthony AGAIN! for helping me 8 years ago!, I heard Milton speak on a radio program for the visually impaired, as I was blind in one eye!, I was in Tucson, Arizona at the time, his radio program was as such, you could phone in on the radio remind ya!, and ask a Question, of what was troubling you, he is a licensed councilor you know!, he helped me so very much!. I owe my Life to him for helping me thru a very difficult period in my life! I was ready to PULL the TRIGGER!, & not the horse either understand!! I strongly suggest you call Milton for your next Meeting, or get together, if you really need/WANT to get YOUR message ACROSS! GOD BLESS you Milton!
Mike Gavin
Jan 31, 2016


"Milton got a spontaneous standing ovation."
Ralph Hood
Hood, Inc.

We have known you for several years. We knew you had gone through tragedies in your life and was now living your life for our Lord and Savior. When we asked you to speak at our church, Harmony Hill Church of God, on April 3, 2005, we did not know exactly what to expect. You went above all expectations. You opened our inward eyes and we were able to feel first hand God's touch in your life. God has given you an ability to honestly communicate with inspiration and humor. Not only was your testimony an encouragement but it also was a true motivation for the young and the old alike. The youth in our congregation was doubly blessed when you so honestly answered their questions after the service. We can confidently recommend you as a reliable, dependable speaker for any organization. We find it a great honor a member of your new gang, The Lord's Team.
Claude and Dean West

Milton Anthony has a powerful message of victory over personal tragedy and adversity. His presentation is highlighted by the miraculous power of God to deliver from the jaws of death and set free from a destructive lifestyle to one of fulfillment, joy and happiness. Milton has the ability to communicate well with a diverse audience with a variety of themes. He has a unique sense of humor that lifts everyone’s heart. He held our senior adults at Metropolitan Church of God spellbound. I highly recommend Milton Anthony as a speaker for civic organizations, conventions, churches and community groups.
Jerald Wilson
Discipleship Pastor

To Whom It May Concern;
Milton Anthony recently spoke to the Harmony Hill Church of God congregation and his testimony was so powerful that the Church is still talking about it! He tells about his life before Christ and what brought him to a near death experience by those trying to kill him. Anyone that listens to him will readily see that he has totally surrendered his life to Christ. I strongly recommend him to any church for a speaking engagement.
In Christian Service,
L. Ennis Hyman - Pastor

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